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Park is located in Haikou City, Hainan Province, Dongshan District Xiuying. About 27 kilometers away from Haikou city center. For Tropical Wildlife Expo, the theme of science. Main dealers beast with park area, viewing area on foot, lake resort, the central service area, including animal viewing area of about 2,000 acres, bringing together the world';s 200 kinds of wild animals around, the number reached more than 4,000 head ( only). Main ...[Detail]

Holiday beach from east to west into the sea sports area, seafood dining and cultural district, the beach at bathing area, the four major functional areas and leisure areas. Largest entry in the beach area is located on the central beach bathing area. Can be seen near the entrance to encircle more than a dozen antique huge banyan tree, eye-catching. Bath area at 6 km crescent beach, clear water, cool sea breeze. Besides recreational facilities ...[Detail]

Ocean Beach tourist area is located in Guilin, Haikou City, the northeast, 19 km from the town government, the sea 24 kilometers east of ocean. Has a seaside swimming pool, International Sports Village, Thailand Hua Guoyuan, sun city resort, the world roaming the park five tourist resorts, and a barbecue and marine recreation and other services. Beach swimming pool is the coastline of more than 10 large natural swimming pool in. Clean water ...[Detail]

Bay tidal waters Dongzhaigang wide area of 5,400 square kilometers. The main protection targets the area of mangroves and water birds. There are also fish, such as eel, grouper, snapper fish, sea bass; and large amphibians. Mangroves - Mangrove is the largest area of the country into pieces, the full range, the best preserved. There are 16 families, 32 species of mangrove plants. Which waterCoconut, red racemosa, Sonneratia Hainan, Sonneratia ...[Detail]

Volcanoes located in Stone Town Xiuying District, Haikou City, about 15 kilometers from the urban area, total area of 108 square kilometers. Volcanoes of various types, covering almost all types of basaltic volcanic eruption, magma erupted from both debris cones, lava cones, mixed cone, but also the interaction of magma and groundwater in the formation of maar volcano. Volcanic landscape is also very rich lava flow - lava crust, such as ...[Detail]